The Corporate Chamcha Types

Nowadays, Chamcha's have become common figures at everyday work places and you can't quite get rid of them. Here is video proof of that. These pet poodles don't quite have a mind of their own and keep following everything and anything your boss says, and it's annoying! Correct? Don't worry, we're going to segregate each (yes, there are types) Chamcha for you, so that you're aware of who's being one and beat him to the top of the career ladder.

1. The Yes Man
This dummy seems to fly up the career ladder by agreeing and saying yes to everything the boss says without having a single thought process of his own.

2. The Coat Tail Rider
This one's a classic. The Coat Tail Rider associates himself with most of the people's success and rides up the career ladder faster, clinging on to baseless facts.

3. The Bosses Assistant's Assistant
This is the (nobody) assistant who keeps coming up with excuses and never gets you your desired appointment with the Big Boss, each time taking away the chance of your career to progress.

4. The Evil Genius
Evil Genius, the smart guy who cannot stand anyone rejoicing and being happy. This person keeps stealing your thunder, killing every worthy moment.

5. The British Accent
The dude who's spent a wee couple months abroad and yet has a heavy, fake accent. The guy appears smarter than you, even if he's talking absolute non sense.

6. The Devils Advocate
The name says it all! This person that agrees with you all the way but always throws a monkey wrench at the last minute.

7. The Idea Stealer
This sneaky guy gets the promotion before you because he not only steals, but also claims openly that your brand idea which got him the promotion in the first place, was his.

8. The Brown Noser
This noser, sucks up to everyone important and stays in touch with only the big authorities therefore accelerating his way up the career ladder.

9. The Debby Downer
A typical pessimist, this person kills all the positive energy and inflicts your career growth with plenty of negativity.

10. The Gossip Queen
The most commonly found Chamcha's at work are the Gossip Queens. These people spread malicious and unnecessary rumors and stunts your career growth to bare minimum.

So here goes, our detailed Top 10 Chamcha's at work that you must be aware of! So, the next time you meet one, you'll know!


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